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Mens Diamond Jewelry – Designer Diamond Ring

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A Guide To Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Ring

Surprising your girlfriend with a beautiful diamond ring is a moment
both of you will cherish your entire life. A once in a lifetime occasion,
buying a diamond ring should be done carefully as your fiancée will wear it
everyday, showing it off to her friends and family members, flaunting your love.

The market is flooded with numerous jewelers and shops claiming to sell the
most authentic and beautiful diamonds there are. To make the right choice from
the plethora of designs and variety can indeed be a confusing task.
It would do you good to be aware of some basic tips on buying diamond
jewelry before you buy one for your girlfriend. The ‘four c’s’, color,
cut, clarity and carat, are the deciding factors for a diamond’s purity and value.
This king of gems comes in all colors, with white being the purest and costliest.
Although it is the hardest stone available, diamond can be cut in a variety of fancy shapes and sizes.
The shape and cut determines the shine of the gem.

One should choose the shape of the
diamond according to your girlfriend’s personality. If she is dainty– buy a small elegant one; tall
and well-buily? go for a large squarish rock. The sparkle of the diamond often holds more importance
than the rock’s size. Clarity of the diamond ensures a dazzling shine every time the light passes through the stone.
Carat, or the weight of diamond, also contributes to its price and value in the market.

Educating yourself about the
‘four c’s’ will keep you from buying imitations. Even though it is conventional to spend two months salary on your
engagement ring, you can buy synthetic diamonds, which will be easier on your wallet. Synthetic diamond has the same
physical properties of a real diamond but is more affordable than the real one. Finally, do ask the jeweler to
provide a purity certificate, which will serve as a guarantee and later help in insuring your gems.


Diamond Ring

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How to Care for Your Diamond

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Look after your Diamond

Caring for a diamond takes more than
occasional cleanings. 

Diamonds are forever,
but they can be damaged if you are not
careful. By learning how to properly care for
your diamond, you will ensure that your
diamond is indeed forever.

First, you should take your diamond jewelry
to a jeweler once a year. Have him check the
mountings and prongs that hold your
diamond in place. Have him make any
needed repairs. This will prevent your
diamond from falling out of its setting and
becoming lost.

Diamond jewelry that is not being worn, or
diamonds that are loose should be stored in
a fabric lined jewel case, or in a jewelry box
where it can be kept separate from other
jewelry. Each piece should have its own
compartment. This will keep diamonds from
becoming scratched, and it will also keep
your diamond from scratching other jewelry
as well.

Remove your diamond jewelry when doing
physical work. Diamonds can be chipped
and scratched easily. Also avoid allowing
your diamond to come into contact with
bleach or other household cleansers – this
can damage or change the color of the
settings and mountings, and it may even
irreversibly change the color of the

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